TOKEN (Tokey Blokey)

                       American Alpine mix

                              *Herd Queen*

   I am an easy going goat, however I can be stubborn at times, especially during milking.  When I run out of grain I like to flip my bowl on the floor letting them know I'm out of food and in my mind I'm done milking!    


                   American Lamancha

                        *Gentle Giant*

    I look like a cow and milk like one too!  I eat very slowly and enjoy the attention while being milked.  While walking around the field I'd rather stay as close as possible to my owners' side than off grazing with the rest of the herd.

                                HIBISCUS (Biscuit)

                                 American Saanen


     I am quite quirky! I enjoy lifting my head in the air and rolling it back and forth for fun. I like to nibble on Everything and sometimes to get my owners' attention I pull her hair!


                       American Sannen

                         *Playful Child*

      I am the most playful and energetic goat!  I love to run and skip and twist my body side to side while running through the field.

                                      BABY G

                                   Saanen Mix

                               *The Gangster*

     I am Token's daughter, which makes me the spoiled princess.   I like to be seen and heard! I'm usually seen standing on my igloo watching over my kingdom.



                             Lamancha Mix


      I am the quietest, calmest and most loving goat in the world!  I believe I am a dog and don't know why I am in the barn and not in the house with my human family.  I've tried to sneak in, but they always catch me.

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